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This is the badminton birdie re-engineered to be kicked with your feet!

The Kickit slows down in the air so you get more time to react to it, which means you'll spend A LOT more time kicking it and having fun and a lot less time picking it up off the ground.
It's made with feathers so you can play it in the house without the fear you might break something... so you can keep EVERYONE happy and have a blast at the same time!
It has a larger rubber kick-pad so you have an EASIER target to kick, which means you'll be able to juggle MORE successfully and quickly be able to try tricks and explore the true possibilities with a Kickit.
It has weights which QUICKLY flip it over after you kick it so when you're ready to kick it again you hit the rubber kick-pad which means you'll AVOID kicking the feathers making this a LONG LASTING and durable product for you.
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Drop it, Kickit, Flip it! The kickit is a Sidekik that was re-designed for everyone. Great new look and great new design. The Kickit is our secret ingredient to creating the most competitive and fun outdoor/indoor game. Where Soccer meets Badminton. Designed by MIT engineers and Rocket Scientists, they have perfected the aerodynamics of the Kickit. Not only can the Kickit be used in competitions at the net, but also for individual juggling training for beginners. That's part of the magic behind this all new product line. The Kickit boasts 5 red feathers, a patent pending Rotational Axis and a large 4 inch kick pad for: Extra bounce More hang time Maximum contact Better directional control when kicking over the net
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