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Information is crucial this year when outfitting your club.  Please read this entire note as it will save all parties a lot of time.  Adidas has not sent us a large portion of our order for your club, we will be missing some items you may need.  Of particular note,

1) adidas has not sent us a large portion of our order for your club, so we will be missing some items you may need.

2) Please check the web store to see what items are available.

3) Please make an appointment using the sign up genius below before coming to the store.

We are extremely excited to outfit a wonderful club that has a deep history of soccer in Louisiana.  Your uniform provider is a choice and we are honored to be chosen for this uniform cycle and hopefully many more.  When we envisioned outfitting the Fire, we were thinking larger store, huge product selection, a great introduction/re-introduction of Third Coast Soccer to the Louisiana Fire.  Then 2020 happened.  Plans were tabled, the supply chain was thrown way off, our vision was now of uncertainty. 

Third Coast Soccer has been affected by the pandemic and I need to explain how we can move forward.  We have not received a large portion of the club’s uniform order.  Although we were due to receive the gear around June 1st, what we have received came to us in late July and there’s a lot more still with adidas.  We have not received any ETAs from adidas on when we are to expect the missing items.  We are making an attempt to offer as much as we have to the club now.  

Once you select the item you are looking for, click a size preference and on the right side of the page (desktop version only, mobile versions may have a different location) and you will see an inventory count in our Metairie store. 

Our web store will have every item updated every hour or so.  It’s as real time as you can get for an online platform.  If we receive items, the site is updated sometimes within minutes.  We are asking that everyone use the web store to find out if you can get an item, do not call.  Our phones will ring off the hook, so this is the best way to get information.  Our staff is instructed to direct any phone calls to the webpage for updates.  Our staff needs to attend to the customers in the store first, so please check the site for updates.  We will not be able to reserve anything for anyone in advance. 

Now, how to get your uniforms.  Two ways – In person or online.  If you want to buy online, you can do so below.  Please allow 2-3 days for order to ship or be ready for pick up. If you want to try gear on, here is your summary:  1) Reserve your time slot on Sign Up Genius, 2) Show up on time to your fitting, 3) Try on what is available, 4) Hand to a Third Coast Soccer employee for printing, 5) Pay and walk out with your fresh new gear.  This process takes on average 10-15 minutes per player.  It’s very easy on everyone and you get to try the kits on and have them customized on the spot for your player.  Here is the link for Sign Up Genius:


For social distancing purposes, we are limiting to a handful of slots every 30 minutes and we are asking, if possible, to have a 1 player/1 parent ratio when coming to the store.  Please also wear your mask.  You must have an appointment to come by the store for travel team uniforms.  We have the rosters and know your number, so please no requests to change at the store.

If your game jersey is unavailable to buy, we will provide you with an alternative shirt with the logo and numbered.

Typically, your uniforms are in our store year round, so please come back anytime if you grow out or lose a pair of socks or something like that.

Third Coast Soccer has some perks for Louisiana Fire players/families as well.  10% of regularly priced items will be discounted, just mention you are a Fire player if you come in year round.  This goes for footwear, guards, balls, you name it.  As long as it’s not already on sale, we’ll get you 10% off.

The club has rebranded, so we have a Spirit Shop that you may want to see either in store on online: https://www.thirdcoastsoccer.net/club-kits/louisiana-fire-spiritwear - *A portion of Spirit Wear sales goes back to the club for fundraising*

Also, for each player’s kit purchased, parents will be given 1 new Navy t-shirt with the club logo on it.  Only available in adult sizes.

Again, thank you for trusting us with your business.  Although this may not be perfect for everyone, we’re doing exactly what we can as soon as we can.  Sorry in advance for us not having ETAs on missing inventory, we simply don’t know.  We’re going to give the Fire as much effort and service as possible and make the best out of our situation.  Have a great season!

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